New dance for new dancers...

Hybrid Languages is a dance dramaturgy project which started in 2017, since then dramaturge- choreographer Gabriela Zuarez went through different phases - in an ongoing development- alternatively in Amsterdam and in Buenos Aires participating at different performing arts forums in collaboration with guest- artists and exchanging with artists-in-residence.
During this process, the dramaturge has been enticing the revision, the re-assimilation of dance, theatre, Tango disciplines and their hybridization on the elaboration of a dance language and the sistematization of a work-mode. This project has focused mainly on dancer's corporeality: physical, rhythmical and emotional. The project has digged in the cultural body which is being informed by the Tango culture in all its forms. Within this project, the dramaturge is researching a new identity in the dance-performative aesthetic; as well the dramaturge through the project foregrounds a new formation of dancers that would meet to expand physical awareness, language and connectivity to the community.

Hybrid Languages has, initially, merged as outcome of the symposium IDOCDE during the Wien festival ImpulsTanz in 2016. Since then the dramaturge has been presenting events as residencies, workshops, labs and research- periods to enable this development.
There has been several open calls to meet and to recruit dance-performers (students/ post-graduate and professionals) who wish to work on technical eclecticism, hybridization, vocabulary and to approach the construction sources of the tango (physical, connective and cultural) into a wider performative scope. Cultural and knowledge exchange is here a must! The project goes for the next round witht he Phase 6 in 2019 foreseeing a new project for 2020. Hybrid Languages Project is being co-partnered and co-founded by organizations in The Netherlands and has its brother-project Coreo-Lab in Argentina.

Development 2017- 2019

Phase 6 Research- Period Winter - Autumm 2019 Amsterdam...see current program (not yet available in the website)
Phase 5 Outcomes R.E.P.R.I.S.E work-in-progress closure Coreo- Lab 2018 Buenos Aires
Phase 5 Coreo- Lab International dance residence 2018 Argentine- The Netherlands
Phase 4 Workshop-Lab 'Rhythmic, Dance & Performance'- ICK Amsterdam 2018
Phase 3 Choreolab Europe 2018 (no link available)
Phase 2 JIRA International Symposium of Rhythmic Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires 2017
Phase 1 In-Share choreographic Residence BAU Amsterdam 2017
Kick off IDOCDE/ ImpulsTanz Vienna 2016